Complementary Medical Support

The team of doctors at Dr Ara Elmajian's Kinetic Patterns Medical Clinic work closely with Enlighten Dental to help improve the overall health issues you, the patient may be experiencing. Depending on your dental situation, Kinetic Patterns offers many complementary and supportive treatments. The medical clinic also offers many varied therapies to support health in general. Dr. Ara Elmajian, owner and director of Kinetic Patterns has worked as a dentist and chronic pain health consultant/practitioner for 43 years. His expertise in both fields is respected and sought after by many. His philosophy is as follows.

The body has the inherent ability to maintain optimum health in the presence of a functioning immune system, muscular-skeletal system, circulatory system, hospitable internal environment, and adequate nutrition. The treatments we provide are designed to assist your body’s own natural healing ability. We will progress from focusing on structure, to function, to biochemistry, to the body’s electrical system, and finally to the emotions. We will not only treat your symptoms but will work with you to identify the root cause of your complaints. You will learn about the perpetuating factors that are relevant to your situation, so you can prevent repeating negative patterns, and move into a new state of well being.

Your role in the recovery of your health is of paramount importance. We believe our role as physicians is to educate you, because the more you know about your body and your treatment, the more you can participate in restoring and maintaining health. We teach responsibility for health, and promote awareness of our bodies and how we relate to this world. Therefore we encourage you to take a strong interest in learning as much as you can and participating fully in all aspects of your recovery. If you have questions, please bring them up during a consultation or call between visits to speak with us. It is important that you follow the treatment protocols as they have been carefully planned for your individual requirements. If you are having trouble following a protocol please discuss this with us.

We will conduct an initial consultation to gather information about your present and past health problems, and implement a three-phase treatment plan that is tailored specifically to your needs. Treatment phases vary in length and approach depending on the individual situation.

One of our doctors will conduct your examination and health history review. We will explain your present condition, anticipated treatment plan, and associated fees. If necessary another consultation will be scheduled. Please bring recent lab results (within 24 months) to consultation appointment.

Please prepare for the initial consultation as follows:

Phase 1: Diagnostic Phase

This stage involves a series of treatments directed at diagnosing your health problem, determining the overall course of treatment, and addressing immediate issues. For our diagnostic testing we use modern blood, urine, saliva and stool testing. We commonly test for heavy metals, allergies, detoxification ability and hormones. We also use other forms of testing, including heart rate variability, thermography, and dark field microscopy. As we diagnosis your condition we are also giving you treatments, and trying to find the true cause of your problems. We may begin lifestyle modification, including nutrition, detoxification and drainage, exercise and stress management.

Dental issues may need to be addressed, as many heath issues begin in the mouth. An oral appliance to correct alignment problems with teeth and jaw may be indicated.

Phase 2: Treatment Phase

At this stage your immediate concerns will have been addressed, and your pain and function will have improved. Now is the time to address perpetuating factors such as nutritional deficiency, skeletal asymmetry, psychological factors, chronic infections, hormone imbalance, heavy metals etc. Often as one set of symptoms is alleviated a new set will emerge, until the process is complete. This is an expected part of the healing process and is a good sign. If you have been wearing an oral appliance, the position of your jaw will need to be maintained.

Phase 3: Stabilization Phase

Our goal in the stabilization phase is prevention of future health problems, while continuing to support your unique constitution. We recommend one maintenance visit per season, to fine tune your health and prevent future illness. These visits are very important and cost effective, as they reduce the chance of other therapies and supplements in the future.