Ozone Therapy Helps Us Fight Harmful Bacteria and Promote Healing

Ozone infused into water

Ozone (O3) has many applications in dentistry. Ozone therapy can kill bacteria, fungus, and viruses, which are often found in the mouth. This is especially exciting in light of recent discoveries regarding potentially harmful microorganisms present in the biofilm (plaque) in the mouth. The two main methods we use to deliver ozone in the mouth are 1) in the form of ozone gas and 2) a concentration of ozone infused into water. Ozonated water (to ingest or rinse with) and ozonated olive oil can also be used.

Periodontal Disease

During dental hygiene appointments, suspicious periodontal pockets that are difficult to access are irrigated with ozone to kill harmful microorganisms. This procedure will not only help to prevent periodontal disease but also the possibility of systemic health conditions related to it.

Oral Surgery

We routinely sterilize surgical sites such as extractions, implants, and cavitations (jaw bone infection sites) with ozone to promote healing and prevent future infection.

Dental Unit Water Lines

We are utilizing the same philosophy of sterilizing our dental water lines with ozone as we are using to address harmful microorganisms in the mouth. The combination of identifying specific organisms in the mouth that could be harmful and the use of ozone to help eliminate those organisms has far-reaching positive dental and health benefits for our patients.

Discover the Benefits of Ozone Therapy 

Our team of holistic dentists is proud to use ozone therapy during dental treatments. Ozone therapy is one of the many factors that sets us apart from other practices. To learn more about how this feature can help you, message us online or call the office at (604) 876-9228.

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