Fotona Lightwalker Laser

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Welcome to the modern age of laser dentistry. Imagine treating periodontal disease without surgery, freezing without needles and anesthetic, rapid restorative preparations and less invasive and simplified and effective endodontic treatments all with a dental laser. This can all be done! The lightwalker laser can treat soft and hard tissues and treats infections with light frequencies.

From conservative dentistry, endodontics and implantology to periodontics and soft-tissue surgery, LightWalker lasers offer the most comprehensive list of clinical applications of any dental laser made today. LightWalker is also perfect for cosmetic dental procedures such as Fotona’s gentle but highly effective TouchWhite™ laser tooth whitening. We even have a Lightwalker at our Kinetic Patterns clinic that we use for facial skin treatments, such as wrinkle reduction and hair removal.

Typical treatment procedures with LightWalker are faster, easier to perform and with less pain and shorter healing times compared to conventional treatments. For more information please visit the Lightwalker Laser website: