Dr. David Charbonneau

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Doctor Charbonneau is at the forefront of advances in dental care. Gone are the days of just drill and fill. He practices restorative and aesthetic bio-compatible dentistry, a practice which uses bio-compatible materials and focuses on their influence on the whole body. If you need tooth restoration and want to make an informed decision about alternative treatments, discuss your concerns with Doctor Charbonneau.

Dr. David Charbonneau was born and raised in southern Ontario where he graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1981. Upon graduation he moved to the Vancouver area where he operated several dental practices before joining Dr. Elmajian.

His personal philosophy of dentistry has always been to exceed the expectations of his dental clients. To that end he has made it a priority over the course of his career to maintain the highest level of skill by attending as many continuing education programs as possible. These have included courses on esthetics, dental materials, and advanced technologies and for the last 10 years, alternative medicine and dentistry. Most recently he has attended courses given by people as diverse as Dr. Hal Huggins and Bruce Lipton and subjects as widespread as naturopathic medicine and advanced CAD-CAM dentistry ( CEREC ).

The focus of his practice is on holistic, esthetic and restorative dentistry.