Dr. Sam Paulos

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Dr. Sam Paulos is the owner of Enlighten dental. He grew up in Victoria, BC observing his father, Dr. Kostadino Paulos and his colleagues such as Dr. Ara Elmajian practice and pioneer in the fields of Holistic and Biological Dentistry.

Upon completion of his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Victoria in 2005, Sam worked with his father for a year as his chairside assistant. During this time he learned a great deal about treating patients with a wide range of illnesses and chronic pain utilizing holistic dentistry. He was especially impressed by the impact removing infected teeth and surrounding tissue had on a person’s health in general. This inspired him to pursue the field of dental surgery.

Dr. Sam Paulos received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Dalhousie University in 2011. He received awards in the areas of Dental Occlusion and Anatomy. After 3 years of general practice in Winnipeg, MB, he returned to British Columbia to join Dr. Ara Elmajian and pursue his passion in Holistic and Biological Dental Surgery.

Dr. Paulos has received diplomas from Loma Linda University and the gIDE Institute for completing a one year Masters program in Implant Dentistry. He has learned the latest techniques in bone and soft tissue regeneration and implant placement under the preceptorship of Dr. Sascha Jovanovic.

Dr. Paulos focuses his practice on surgical treatments including complicated extractions and cavitations, wisdom teeth removal, bone and soft tissue grafting, sinus augmentation and zirconia and titanium implant placement. He utilizes the latest in technology to diagnose, plan and treat his patients from a holistic perspective with biocompatible materials to achieve harmony in biology, structure, function and esthetics.