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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Oral health issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and missing teeth are all interconnected and have a negative impact on overall health.

At Enlighten Dental in Vancouver, BC, we design comprehensive treatment plans for patients with serious oral health issues.

How can a full mouth reconstruction benefit you?

Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction at Our Practice

Improve Your Health

At Enlighten Dental in Vancouver, BC, we practice general dentistry, emphasizing the connections between the health of your mouth and the wellness of your entire body. When you choose full mouth reconstruction at our practice, we will custom-design a treatment plan that will help you live a healthier, more balanced life.

Technology and Materials

We use dental care technology that enables us to accurately diagnose issues, perform effective and efficient treatment, and achieve great outcomes. CT scans, CEREC®, and biocompatible materials are just some of the tools we use to produce natural-looking results.

Improved Comfort

Our selected equipment makes treatment quicker and more comfortable than ever. In addition, we offer sedation dentistry, including nitrous oxide and oral conscience sedation to make your visit with us even more pleasant.

Restore Oral Function

Patients with multiple issues affecting the mouth and jaw are often unable to bite properly, which can be painful and may lead to TMJ disorder, headaches, poor oral hygiene, poor nutrition, and other concerns. Undergoing full mouth reconstruction with our Vancouver dentists can improve the function of your teeth, gums, and jaw.  

Upgrade Your Smile

Besides being bad for your health, damaged teeth and gum tissues can be unattractive. Patients in need of full mouth reconstruction are probably used to covering their mouths when they laugh, speak, or smile. After treatment, you can feel more confident and secure with your appearance.

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a custom-designed treatment plan that incorporates multiple restorative treatments. These comprehensive plans are ideal for patients who have seriously damaged smiles. By implementing multiple treatments at once, our dentists make a coordinated effort to rehabilitate a patient's smile as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What Problems Can Be Treated?


  • Damaged teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Missing teeth
  • Periodontal disease
  • Gum recession
  • TMJ disorders (TMD)

Dramatic Results Full Mouth Reconstruction Before and After Photos

a damaged smile
Before Full Mouth Reconstruction
a restored smile
After Full Mouth Reconstruction
Accidents happen, and when they affect your smile, it's important to meet with a dentist to review your restorative options. This person faced a number of dental issues, including a prominent chipped tooth, and long-term wear to tooth structure independent of injury. Whether you have a damaged tooth or an issue with your jaw, a full mouth reconstruction at our Vancouver practice can enhance your dental health.

*The results in the photographs are examples only and do not imply any certainty of the result of a procedure, and all outcomes are subject to the circumstances of the individual patient. 

Experience a Custom Mouth Reconstruction Contact Enlighten Dental for an Appointment

Enlighten Dental in Vancouver, BC, is a welcoming practice for patients who require extensive rehabilitation of their oral health. Because of our focus on dentistry with a holistic approach, we understand the interconnectedness of all systems of the body.

We can address many types of oral health issues, from tooth fractures to jaw atrophy and joint dysfunction. Whether you need custom restorations, dental implants for tooth loss, or a full set of dentures, our goal is give you a healthy, beautiful smile.

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Whether treating jaw joint dysfunction or a damaged tooth, Enlighten Dental can develop a custom treatment plan.
"We believe that oral health is deeply connected to overall health and wellbeing. We positively impact every patient through exceptional holistic care."

Possible Restorative Treatments Common Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

Every full mouth reconstruction is unique and incorporates different procedures to serve a patient's specific needs. Treatments that are often included in these plans include:

Dentures and Bridges

If you are missing some, most, or all of your teeth, Enlighten Dental can develop a custom bridge or denture that will fill the gaps left behind. Working with a dental lab that uses high-quality materials, the completed dental prosthesis will restore your ability to bite, chew, speak, and smile. Patients may be eligible for dental implants to secure the completed denture or bridgework.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants allow us to restore missing teeth by replicating the function of natural tooth roots. During oral surgery, the dental implants are anchored into the jawbone, fusing with the living tissue to ensure strength and stability. At Enlighten Dental, we use implants made of zirconia, a biocompatible and non-allergenic material that is safer for patients than traditional implant materials. Implants are great for restoring a single missing tooth, and can support dentures to replace multiple missing teeth.

Read More about Implants

Dental Restorations

Restorations like inlays, onlays, and crowns look natural and restore biting and chewing function as if they were biological teeth. Crowns are used to restore or protect a single tooth, while inlays and onlays help restore tooth structure that is too compromised for a traditional filling. The type of restoration used will vary based on the extent of the tooth damage.

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Mercury Filling Removal

Our dentists are certified to perform the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART). By removing a metal filling from a tooth, we can improve the appearance of your smile and replace the filling with a safer material. This is part of our commitment to dental care solutions that aim at improving oral health while also achieving total wellness.

Read More about Mercury Filling Removal

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease can preclude you from undergoing most forms of dentistry, which includes getting dental implants. Our dentists help patients with gum disease by performing deep cleanings, eliminating harmful bacteria. These treatments can improve the appearance of your gums, protect you from the spread of an infection, and restore your candidacy for other treatments.

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"Our patients recognize that we have a different approach. They value and trust our unique perspective on dental solutions and reward us by becoming advocates for our message and approach."

A Holistic Approach to Dentistry Treatment Options for Total Wellness

Enlighten Dental takes a holistic approach to dentistry that emphasizes safety and biocompatibility. Dentistry with a holistic approach is metal-free, using tooth-colored ceramic materials that resemble the appearance of natural teeth. This eliminates the potential hazards of metal amalgam uses, while also enhancing the aesthetics of the smile.

In addition to metal-free restorations, our Vancouver practice also uses zirconia implants to anchor appliances and restorations, ozone therapy for sterilization purposes and to control oral bacteria, and platelet rich fibrin (PRF) to assist with the healing process after oral surgery.

Whatever dental work is involved, holistic treatment options can enhance the appearance of your new smile, improve your oral health and general wellness, and offer a boost to your self-esteem in the process.

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At Enlighten Dental, we are dedicated to improving both your oral and overall health. Our holistic approach to dentistry allows us to provide lasting, comprehensive results. Learn more about our team:

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