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Crooked, crowded, and misaligned teeth can do a number on your smile and impact your oral health.

Fortunately, holistic orthodontics can straighten your teeth and promote whole-body wellness.

Enlighten Dental in Vancouver, BC, provides patients with a comprehensive suite of treatments that gets them smiling wider than ever!

We don't only give our patients a nice smile; we make a profound impact on their wellness.

Why Choose Enlighten Dental For Orthodontic Treatment?

There are myriad factors that distinguish our orthodontists' caliber of care in Vancouver, BC.
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A Holistic Approach

For us, orthodontics is about so much more than granting you a beautiful smile; we create custom plans designed to assist your body’s own natural healing ability. With thoughtful consideration for bodily wellness, we work hand-in-hand with medical practitioners to provide superior orthodontic treatment, alleviate chronic illnesses, and deliver comprehensive results your body will thank you for.

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Material Biocompatability

Toxic materials can present substantial health consequences. Fortunately, the utilization of biocompatible materials ensures there are no adverse effects on our patients’ biology when used in the mouth. Thorough testing supports our initiative to not use dental materials patients could be sensitive to or allergic to.

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Expertise and Education

As a holistic practice treating patients just like you for over 30 years, we maintain that orthodontics goes beyond simply addressing your symptoms. We leverage our expertise to educate all who turn to us for their orthodontic care to grant them a deeper understanding of oral health’s role in whole-body wellness.

Are You Ready for a Straighter, Healthier Smile?
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Misaligned, crowded, and gapped teeth aren’t exclusively aesthetic concerns; these orthodontic issues can put you at high risk for cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and other complications. A misaligned bite can also result in TMJ disorders that can lead to teeth grinding, headaches, and more. When you seek treatment from our holistic practice, you can rest assured we’ll address your orthodontic issues with treatments that don’t only revitalize your smile but promote your bodily health.

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Common Orthodontic Problems

Orthodontic devices and premier care can treat issues such as:

Bite Misalignment

Overbite, underbite, crossbite, and other bite misalignments can have long-term consequences on your oral health. They can cause teeth to grind against each other, damage enamel, or lead to TMJ disorders by placing unnecessary pressure on the jaws.

Overcrowded Teeth

Teeth that turn sideways or block your tongue from moving freely can impact your speech and comfort. With extraction or devices that promote proper alignment, your teeth won’t have to compete for space within your mouth.

Gaps Between Teeth

A gap between your teeth can impact the appearance of your smile – especially if it’s front and center. Additionally, gaps can create whistling sounds when you speak or breathe through your mouth. In certain cases, a gap may be the result of oral health issues, such as gum disease.

Orthodontics for All Ages

While orthodontics is often associated with younger patients, it’s never too late to achieve a straighter smile – or to turn to professionals who will design a personalized treatment plan on your behalf. We have an extensive network of medical practitioners committed to helping ensure your long-term health.

Whether you are looking for a trusted orthodontist for your child or want to correct your bite as an adult, you can depend on our team to deliver superior results time and time again.

Some of Our Most Popular Orthodontic Options

Metal braces

Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces involve wires and brackets constructed from medical-grade stainless steel to slowly reposition your teeth into ideal alignments. Among the most affordable orthodontic options, braces can correct the more severe cases of misalignment and overcrowding.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces

Also referred to as clear braces, ceramic braces are a considerably more discreet option when compared to their traditional counterpart. This treatment utilizes tooth-colored or clear brackets and wires that sport a more subtle appearance and is an excellent option for those looking to correct misalignment in a less noticeable way.

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Our Vancouver office offers Invisalign®, clear removable aligners that are as comfortable as they are impactful. While more commonly used for teens and young adults, this treatment option has risen in popularity among patients of all ages. Our orthodontists will be happy to consult you on whether Invisalign is recommended for you or your child.

From traditional and lingual braces to Invisalign, headgear, and beyond, our specialists will work with you to find a solution that gives you the straight smile you’re looking for – and accounts for the total wellness your body deserves.
In general, it takes longer to treat adults than children or teenagers. However, most wear braces for about two years.
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Orthodontic Treatment Timeline

Support your oral health and beyond with premier orthodontics and proven techniques.
Support your oral health and beyond with premier orthodontics and proven techniques.


Start your orthodontic journey by visiting our Vancouver office, where we can assess your teeth to determine what the best course of action is in terms of an ideal orthodontic treatment for your particular circumstances.


We will take digital impressions and X-rays of your teeth to ensure a proper fit. With this, our dental experts will be able to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.


The timeline for treatment is unique to each patient. Depending on the severity of your alignment issues and your specific orthodontic treatment, we will consult you on what to expect every step of the way.

Regular Visits

Over the course of your orthodontic process, you’ll return to our office so the orthodontist can adjust your braces or other solution to make sure your teeth are moving as intended.

Final Results

Once we determine your alignment issues are corrected, your braces can be removed or your aligners discarded. We will likely fit you for a retainer to help keep your teeth in the correct position.
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Enlighten Dental

At Enlighten Dental, we are dedicated to improving both your oral and overall health. Our holistic approach to dentistry allows us to provide lasting, comprehensive results. Learn more about our team:

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