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Ozone Therapy

Bacteria can cause tooth decay and infections. A medical treatment called ozone therapy can kill bacteria and promote healing.

The dentists at Enlighten Dental in Vancouver, BC, use ozone therapy to support the oral health and general wellness of their patients.

Learn how our dentists use ozone therapy during treatment to kill microorganisms in your mouth, fight infections, and aid recovery.

What Is Ozone and Ozone Therapy?

Also known as O3, ozone is a colorless gas that contains molecules made from three atoms of oxygen that are bonded together. The bonded oxygen creates a negative charge that can kill various kinds of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. 

These potentially harmful microorganisms can cause serious oral infections and tooth decay. Unfortunately, they are often found in our mouths. In fact, recent discoveries show these microorganisms are present in plaque, the biofilm that builds up on our teeth.

This means ozone has many exciting medical applications when it comes to patient health. The negatively charged oxygen in ozone can both boost your immune response and sterilize wounds, preventing disease and promoting safer, faster healing after oral surgery procedures or cosmetic dentistry treatments. 

5 Benefits of Ozone Therapy in Dentistry

This Therapy Can Strengthen Teeth

Molecules of ozone can help harden your tooth enamel. Since many parents do not want fluoride treatments for themselves or their children, ozone therapy is an excellent alternative to keep teeth strong, protected, and healthy.

Tooth Decay Prevention

Antibacterial treatment with ozone can stop the growth of harmful microorganisms in the tight crevices between and around your teeth, especially in hard-to-reach back molars. This therapy can prevent chronic dental issues like cavities and toothaches.

It Helps Fight Infection

Therapy involving ozone can fight off bacterial and viral infections by stimulating your body's immune response. When treatment with ozone boosts your immune response, it becomes easier to prevent diseases and other medical issues from affecting your oral health and overall well-being.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Millions of people around the world suffer from chronic gum disease. Our Vancouver, BC, dentists use ozone therapy to kill the bacteria in periodontal pockets that form between the teeth and gums. This helps treat gingivitis and periodontitis and prevents health conditions related to gum disease.

It Promotes Healing After Oral Surgery

Treatment with ozone can be used to sterilize surgical sites during tooth extractions, dental implant placement, and procedures to treat cavitations (sites of jawbone infection). This allows our dentists to promote faster healing and prevent future infections.

Ozone Therapy Can Make Dental Treatments Safer

Patient with broken teeth
Before Dental Treatment
Patient with a beautiful smile
After Dental Treatment
Restorative or cosmetic dentistry results such as these can transform the appearance of your smile, but some patients put off treatment because they fear post-procedure complications such as infections. Ozone therapy can greatly reduce the risk of bacterial infections after oral surgery and can even aid in other procedures like dental crown placement or root canal therapy.

*The results in the photographs are examples only and do not imply any certainty of the result of a procedure, and all outcomes are subject to the circumstances of the individual patient. 

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Our team of dentists is proud to treat our patients with ozone therapy when performing various dental treatments. Using ozone to destroy harmful bacteria is one of the many ways we provide comprehensive care with a holistic approach

Our dentists would love to discuss how ozone therapy can prevent disease and make your procedure safer. If you are suffering from tooth pain, want to replace missing teeth, or are interested in scheduling a general exam, fill out our simple online form or give our family-friendly Vancouver, BC, practice a call at:

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Enlighten Dental in Vancouver, BC, has been treating patients with a holistic approach for over 30 years.
"Our dentists focus on more than just the health of your teeth. We are also focused on improving chronic illnesses and diseases with the use of medical innovations such as ozone therapy." The Enlighten Dental Team

A Quick Overview of Our Approach

Our philosophy is to treat our patients' oral health problems while also improving their general health and quality of life. In other words, our Vancouver, BC, dentists strongly believe that your oral health and general wellness are deeply connected.
At Enlighten Dental, our dentists know that having good oral health can reduce your risk of developing chronic medical problems. We work alongside medical doctors to provide treatments that promote your overall wellness and use non-toxic materials such as ceramic dental implants and non-metallic crowns and fillings in our procedures.
When combined with biannual exams and therapy with ozone, these holistic approaches to dentistry can boost your immune system and keep your smile looking clean and bright. Comprehensive dentistry with a holistic approach can help your teeth, gums, and entire body stay free of pain, disease, and chronic health issues.

We Use Water Lines Sterilized With Ozone for Your Health and Safety

The use of ozone to help eliminate harmful microorganisms has far-reaching dental health and general wellness benefits for our patients.

Our Vancouver, BC, practice uses ozone-sterilized water during dental procedures. The use of ozone-sterilized water can neutralize harmful microorganisms that could travel through the water lines into your body. Water that’s been sterilized with ozone can also potentially neutralize bacteria and viruses that may already be present in your mouth.

Dentist's hand spraying a water line.

Which Procedures Are Paired With Ozone Therapy?


Therapy using ozone can be administered before your filling to disinfect the tooth that's suffering from decay. After the tooth decay has been cleared, therapy using ozone can also help eliminate any lingering bacteria from the site to prevent reinfection.

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Gum Disease Therapy

Ozone therapy can give you peace of mind during your periodontal treatment. Ozone can be applied to the gum tissues to eliminate bacteria and reduce inflammation in cases of mild to chronic gum disease. Ozone helps disinfect periodontal pockets and promotes the healing of the gum tissues. Pair this therapy with your periodontal procedure to get the most out of your treatment at our Vancouver office. 

Explore Gum Disease Therapy

Tooth Extraction

Ozone therapy can be used before and after tooth extraction. Therapy using ozone helps disinfect the surgical site, which reduces the risk of infection. An infection can slow down the process of healing after tooth extraction, but therapy using ozone can promote faster healing by adding an extra layer of protection against bacterial infection. Ozone can also be applied after the extraction to disinfect and oxygenate the blood and tissues.

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Dental Implants

Therapy using ozone can be used during the dental implant placement process. This therapy helps disinfect the implant site, which can reduce the risk of implant failure due to infection. Dental implant treatment is a long process and chronic immune system issues that are caused by infections can slow down your treatment. The negatively charged oxygen in ozone can promote a good immune system response to keep chronic infections from slowing down your treatment. 

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Bone Grafting

If your tooth loss has led to significant jawbone recession, bone grafting may be required to strengthen the jawbone before dental implants can be placed. Your dentist may direct concentrated ozone at the site of the graft to sanitize the area, improve your oral health, and help ensure a successful recovery.

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Our Ozone Therapy Treatments

We use several methods to deliver ozone to areas of your mouth where disinfecting or healing is needed. These include:
  • Ozone gas
  • A concentration of ozone infused into water
  • Olive oil with a high concentration of ozone
  • Ozonated water to rinse with or ingest

Our dentists can determine which therapy method is right for you during a consultation at our Vancouver dental office. Call to see how therapy using negatively charged oxygen can help you achieve a healthier smile:

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"Helping every patient who walks into our Vancouver, BC, practice achieve optimum health, regardless of age, is our number one priority. By supporting one another by growing and learning together, we hope to improve your overall health."
The Enlighten Dental Team

Ozone Therapy FAQ

How much does ozone therapy cost?

Ozone therapy offers many benefits but results in an additional cost to your treatment plan. The overall cost of ozone treatment will vary from person to person. The cost can depend on how much ozone therapy is needed, how it's administered, and other factors that are unique to each patient. 

Are there any side effects of ozone therapy?

Research from The Open Dentistry Journal concludes that ozone can have negative side effects when inhaled as a gas. However, we use an ozone generator and ozone therapy that's approved for dental use. When administering ozone as a gas at our Vancouver office, we ensure a safe amount is given to the patient to prevent any side effects.

Is Ozone Therapy a New Medical Treatment?

Ozone therapy was first used in the field of dentistry in the 1930s by Dr. E. A. Fisch. He used it to aid in disinfection and wound healing during dental surgery. The Saudi Journal for Dental Research
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