Illustration of tooth being extracted

Tooth Extraction

A badly infected tooth can be very painful. If left untreated, it can cause widespread damage and affect your surrounding tissues. 

A tooth extraction can help you find long-lasting relief. Our holistic dentists also help patients with advanced tooth replacement options.

Why should I consider Enlighten Dental if I need a tooth extraction?

Illustration of tooth being extracted

Our Team Prioritizes Your Comfort and Healing

Deep Cleaning

Our biological treatment protocols involve removing the periodontal ligament and all infected/affected tissue from around the extraction site.  Ozone is then slowly applied to the area to disinfect and oxygenate the blood and tissues.  This is especially effective against the harmful anaerobic bacteria that are present in tooth and jaw bone infections.

Accelerated Healing

Our team uses platelet-rich fibrin, or PRF, in 95 percent of our extraction cases. PRF contains growth factors which help you heal more quickly and comfortably than conventional methods. The live white blood cells in PRF also go to work cleaning up debris and fighting infection.

Virtually Pain-Free

Although an extraction can sound scary, it is meant to relieve your pain and discomfort. In addition to local anesthesia, our team can provide oral sedation and nitrous oxide to help you feel at ease during the procedure. 

Improve Your Oral and Overall Health

Although we will always try to save your tooth whenever possible, extracting a badly infected tooth can help improve your overall health and prevent the onset of an abscess, swelling, and even more serious, life-threatening complications. 

Illustration showing effects of tooth infection Illustration showing effects of tooth infection

Infection, Gum Disease, and Decay Are Commonly Treated with Extractions

Before and after tooth extraction Before and after tooth extraction

How Do You Know If You Need an Extraction?

Besides untreated cavities and periodontal disease, sudden trauma, impacted teeth, or an overly crowded smile may be reasons why you would need a tooth extraction. You should schedule an emergency visit to our practice if you are experiencing: 

  • A painful toothache 
  • Sudden sensitivity 
  • Severe swelling 
  • A fever 

During your exam, we will determine whether your tooth can be saved or whether it is too damaged or decayed. 

Root Canal Treated Teeth

Root canal teeth can harbor infection painlessly. We use the latest in 3D CT imaging to check your root canal teeth for infection. Regular two-dimensional imaging often hides or poorly demonstrates the existence of infection around a tooth.  Proper diagnoses and the best information are key to making informed decisions about what is best for you and your overall health. 

Affected Teeth Can Show No Symptoms

CT scan showing large, painless infection associated with a root canal tooth.

Our Extraction Technique Focuses on Promoting Healing

Our team of holistic doctors is available to guide you through every step of your recovery. Our extraction process is unique because we prioritize your comfort and health, from start to finish

Day of Tooth Extraction

Dental Exam

We will thoroughly examine your smile and determine whether your tooth can be saved or whether an extraction is the best option.

Anesthetic & Sedation

If extraction is necessary, we will numb the area with a local anesthetic. For patients who are particularly anxious about treatment, we can provide oral sedation. 

Tooth Removal

One of our dentists will gently extract your affected tooth by rocking it back and forth until it becomes loose in its socket. 

Clean Socket

To remove every trace of infection, we will thoroughly clean the tooth socket and remove any damaged tissue and bone.  

Ozone Therapy

We will then use our office's ozone technology to disinfect the area and oxygenate the tissue. 

Apply PRF

PRF contains growth factors which can help promote expedited healing and improved comfort. 

A Custom Restoration Completes Your Smile

After an extraction, most patients are fully healed within three months. Our office has a variety of tooth replacement options available, including:

Dental implants provide various benefits over traditional restorations and are the recommended option for patients who needed an extraction due to health concerns. Because we are holistic dentists, we offer metal-free zirconia dental implants to restore the health, function, and form of your smile

Our Holistic Dentists Can Help Every Step of the Way

Enlighten Dental exam room

We help many patients achieve long-term relief from pain and other symptoms by extracting infected teeth. Rather than referring your case to outside specialists, we can extract, prepare, and replace your tooth all in one office.

To learn more about our holistic approach to dentistry, contact our practice today. You can request an appointment online or call Enlighten Dental at (604) 876-9228.

Enlighten Dental exam room

Enlighten Dental

At Enlighten Dental, we are dedicated to improving both your oral and overall health. Our holistic approach to dentistry allows us to provide lasting, comprehensive results. Learn more about our team:

For more information about our services, call (604) 876-9228 or contact us online today.

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