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Wisdom Teeth Removal

A future of pain, swelling, and infections — is there even a reason to keep your wisdom teeth around?

They provide zero benefits, making the answer a resounding no. If you're ready to learn more, Enlighten Dental can help.

Contact our Vancouver, BC, team for education about your options or to request a wisdom tooth extraction consultation.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?


Your wisdom teeth are the backmost teeth on each arch. These molars emerge last, typically right before or around adulthood. Unlike your other teeth, they don't have a known function. However, their emergence can cause infection and tooth misalignment.

What Are the Benefits Of Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Choosing to have your wisdom teeth removed can save you a ton of pain, time, and money in the future. Wisdom teeth removal has many benefits:

Avoid Pain

The process of your wisdom teeth erupting can be painful. You might find it uncomfortable to chew with your back teeth and have a lingering sensation of pain. Partially or fully impacted wisdom teeth can cause painful cysts and other complications.

Save Money

If you let your wisdom teeth grow in, they may shift your teeth. This shifting can result in overcrowding, misaligned bites, and other alignment problems that may need to be corrected with orthodontics, costing you more in the long run than the wisdom tooth extraction would have.

Improve Oral Health

If your shifting teeth have resulted in crowded, crooked teeth, you may find it more difficult to brush and floss all surfaces of your smile. This can lead to various oral health problems, like cavities and gum disease. 

17 to 25

The average age range for wisdom tooth eruption. National Library of Medicine

Is It Time to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth? Request a Consultation

If you fall into the average age range for wisdom teeth eruption but aren't experiencing pain or symptoms, it's still a good idea to meet with our dental team to see if all is well.

Don't wait until the pain from your impacted wisdom teeth sends you to our office. Come in for a consultation ahead of time to get X-rays and a close-up view of how your wisdom teeth are growing. That way, we can help prevent pain and problems before they start. 

Call to request a consultation at our Vancouver practice:

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Our team takes a holistic approach with your oral health care.

See How Emerging Wisdom Teeth Change Your Mouth

X-ray of mouth before wisdom tooth emergence
A Mouth With 28 Teeth Before Wisdom Tooth Emergence
X-ray of mouth after wisdom tooth emergence
A Mouth With 32 Teeth After Wisdom Tooth Emergence
As you can see, the other teeth are forced to shift to make room for each new wisdom tooth. Patients prefer to avoid this, because it can be uncomfortable and because it can ruin the tooth alignment they have undergone with orthodontics.

Does Everyone Need Wisdom Tooth Removal?

No, they do not.

In fact, some people are missing one or more wisdom teeth, or do not have any wisdom teeth at all.

Additionally, about 20% of people will not have any wisdom tooth emergence before age 70.

Wondering if you need your wisdom teeth removed?

You don't have to see an oral surgeon. Instead, visit the dentists at our Vancouver practice to see if you can benefit from extraction.

Not Everyone Needs to Remove Their Wisdom Teeth
But Most People Do

"Approximately 85 percent of people need to have their wisdom teeth extracted during their lifetime." According to Crest

Why Remove My Wisdom Teeth If They Are Not Currently Causing Any Problems?

Think of removing wisdom teeth as a form of maintenance, a lot like you would perform on your car or around your home.

While you may not currently be experiencing any pain, having your wisdom teeth extracted now can save you from future discomfort and infections.

It's also advantageous to have them removed when you are a young adult, since the extraction and healing process will be easier.

And finally, when you decide to have your wisdom teeth removed at our Vancouver practice, you can schedule care on your own timeline.

Having an appointment is typically a lot less stressful than needing immediate care. 

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At our office, we practice holistic dentistry. By treating one part of your mouth, we can improve the health of the whole.

Technology Helps Us
Get An Accurate View of Your Teeth

CT scans give our dentists a closer look at not only the visible parts of your teeth, but the roots of the teeth, blood vessels, soft tissues, and other parts of the mouth that the eye can't see. CT scans give us a more detailed view of your wisdom teeth's position when they haven't yet erupted. We also can take a digital impression of your teeth using our intraoral scanner. We aim to give you an accurate view of your smile by using this technology and other holistic tools at our Vancouver practice.

Stop Worrying About Your Wisdom Teeth And Visit Enlighten Dental

Each type of tooth has its own specific function — except wisdom teeth.

These teeth can actually harm your oral health by becoming partially stuck in the gums and causing an infection.

However, there's a way that you can prevent them from causing any problems: a wisdom tooth extraction at Enlighten Dental.

If you've noticed that your tooth has already begun to emerge, we can help with that too.

Our dentists can perform the same treatment as oral surgeons, allowing you to have a healthy and pain-free smile again. If you're ready to see if you're a candidate for wisdom tooth removal, contact our Vancouver, BC, office or call


View of Vancouver from the dental chair
Nervous? Our caring team can make you feel comfortable and prepared for your treatment.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Timeline At Enlighten Dental

Whether patients need immediate wisdom teeth removal or they are planning ahead for the future, they trust our Vancouver dentists.
Whether patients need immediate wisdom teeth removal or they are planning ahead for the future, they trust our Vancouver dentists.


We'll welcome you into our Vancouver office for a routine consultation. We can examine your mouth and determine the status of your wisdom teeth using observation and X-rays.


Our dentists will ensure that you remain calm and comfortable during your procedure. We will use anesthesia and offer sedation, so that you do not feel anything at all and can relax in the dental chair. Once the treatment site is completely numb, we will begin your extraction treatment.


After the area is clean, your dentist will make a nick in your gum area. This allows them to remove your wisdom teeth. They will repeat as necessary for each impacted molar.


Once your teeth have been removed, your dentist will close up the area with a few careful stitches, allowing easier healing for your gums. They will also likely pack the affected area with gauze.


After your wisdom teeth extraction, you will need a trusted friend or family member to drive you home. There, you should rest and relax. Complete healing takes about two weeks, but you can return to work in a day or two.

4 Ways You Can Help Your Mouth Heal After Wisdom Tooth Removal

After your wisdom teeth extraction, there are several things that you can do to improve the healing process, like:

Get Some Much-Needed Rest

One of the best things you can do for your recovery is simply to rest. You should give yourself a day or two to relax. It also helps to use a second pillow when you are laying down or sleeping.

Brush Your Teeth Carefully

Good oral hygiene is always important. As you heal, you should still brush your teeth. However, wait to brush around the extraction sites until your gums have fully recovered.

Avoid Dislodging the Clot

The extraction sites will form important blood clots after your procedure. To keep them in place, refrain from drinking hot liquids, vigorous spitting, and drinking alcohol or smoking for at least 24 hours.

Ask Us If You Need Help

From questions about after-care to attention for any symptoms, the dentists at Enlighten Dental are here to help you heal. Please, always feel free to contact or visit our Vancouver team if you need anything at all. 

Blood Clots: Your Body's Incredible Recovery Resource

Your mouth has its own unique tool that it uses to help you heal after wisdom teeth removal: a blood clot.

This clot will form over your gums where each molar has been extracted.

Because it shields your nerves, it lessens any pain. It also improves your healing time, blocking bacteria from having access to the area.

Our dentists will give you tips on how to keep this clot in place, such as refraining from using straws or drinking hot liquids.

If the clot does prematurely dislodge, please let us know, as this can cause a complication called dry socket.

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