Safe Amalgam Removal

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Patients are recommended to consult with our medical staff at Kinetic Patterns before they start having their fillings removed. We recommend a minimum of two weeks of preparation with specific supplement protocols to prepare the body. Remedies and mercury binding agents such as charcoal or chlorella are given to protect the organs of elimination during this procedure and can minimize any potential side effects.

In the removal of dental mercury amalgam, the greater the temperature of the drill on the metal the more mercury dust and vapour are produced. This dust and vapour can be inhaled or swallowed, leading to unacceptably high levels of exposure, thousands of times greater than acceptable levels set by the World Health Organization and the Environmental Protection Agency. In sensitive or compromised patients even low levels of mercury exposure can lead to illness or worsening of symptoms.

Our office follows the IAOMT SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) protocol. During the amalgam removal process we employ several precautionary measures that go beyond standard dental care to reduce the amount of mercury vapour generated. We utilize a specialized high volume evacuation system to safely remove toxic particles and vapour from the working area to protect the patient, doctor and dental assistant. Patients are further protected from mercury exposure by providing medical air through a nose hood and protective body coverings according to the IAOMT SMART protocol

Immediately following the removal of amalgam fillings patients are recommended to receive IV vitamin C, to support the body’s ability to detoxify heavy metals.

IV chelation programs are available once all heavy metals are removed from the mouth. Consult with our medical staff for information and to find the program that suits your needs.